Netflix gives a first look at the new chainsaw massacre in Texas

Leatherface is back as the horror of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre continues with a new movie on Netflix on February 18, 2022.

Netflix has revealed a spooky first trailer for the upcoming movie, which happens to be a direct sequel to the 1974 horror film. The Texas chainsaw massacre.

“It’s pretty hardcore,” said director Fede Álvarez Weekly entertainment. “But at the same time it has the simplicity of that first film. We wanted to come up with a very simple premise [with] a strong domino effect. Everything is set up in the right place – you just have to press the first domino and everything will happen effortlessly. “

Texas Chainsaw Massacre stars Sarah Yarkin, Elsie Fisher, Nell Hudson and Jacob Latimore as a group of friends who find themselves in uncharted territory. And like the original film, it has a lot to say about the city versus the country.

Sarah Yarkin plays Melody – a young millennial looking for the next hot location. Unfortunately, she is in the wrong city.

“Myself and my business partner Dante (played by Jacob Latimore) are those young, hip people who come to this ghost town in Texas and try to get other people to come and make it the next hip place,” said Yarkin . “Our fatal mistake is that we ignore the story that lay before us.”

It’s essentially about gentrification – the young hipsters who collapse to turn a country town upside down. And that draws parallels to the original film in many ways.

Sarah Yarkin, Elsie Fisher, Nell Hudson and Jacob Latimore star in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  Credit: Netflix.

Sarah Yarkin, Elsie Fisher, Nell Hudson and Jacob Latimore star in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Credit: Netflix.

“I think the first film really hit a nerve when it portrayed this cultural battle between the country and the city,” said Álvarez. “In the 1970s, the hippies represented the city’s youth. This time around, they’re more “like Austin millennial hipsters who are very entrepreneurial and dream of getting away from the city and back to the countryside. You are trying to gentrify the small town of America – and we just run into a pushback. “

This comes in the form of Leatherface – the iconic chainsaw swing killer.

“Basically, it’s the same character that’s still alive,” said Álvarez. “We thought this guy was probably gone after everything he’d done. Do you know how to catch a guy with a mask? and runs away, he can easily hide somewhere. “

Set decades after the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the new film shows Leatherface emerge from hiding and face a new group of friends with his signature chainsaw.

Mark Burnham will play Leatherface, taking on the iconic horror role of the late Gunnar Hansen.

“This story will take it up again many, many years after the original story. He’s been hiding for a long, long time trying to be a good person, ”he added. “These people who arrive in this city will awaken the giant.”

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