Netflix against password sharing: new function now also activated in Germany

Anyone currently using an account they don’t own but maintaining their own profile now has the option to extract their profile and transfer it to their own account. So if A has an account and pays for it and has shared the password with B, B can now take his profile, subscribe to his own subscription and transfer his profile there.

The function has also been activated in Germany since yesterday. The streaming service wants to indirectly and subtly persuade users with sub-accounts to take out their own subscriptions. Officially, however, Netflix states in an email: “People move, families grow, relationships change, life happens. And profile transfer can help simplify a small aspect of life.”

If you do not want to use the function, you can of course deactivate it. This can be done either through the email sent to all account owners or in the private settings of the streaming service itself.

Previously, access to Netflix could be shared with friends and family members at no additional cost. So that should be the end now. The new concept is expected to launch in early 2023. When tested in South America, each additional sub-account costs an additional $2.99. In addition to the base price for the account holder, there are additional charges for anyone who also uses the account and manages their own Netflix profile. It is not yet known whether the whole thing will also be implemented in Germany and how much the costs will be.

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