Nerf has announced a collaboration with Minecraft, transforming items from Minecraft and Minecraft dungeons into real blasters.

Two blasters – the Nerf Minecraft Pillager’s Crossbow and the Nerf Minecraft Stormlander – are available today. Inspired by the original Minecraft, the Marauder’s Crossbow is fired by pulling back an ignition lever and pulling the trigger – allowing you to fire three Nerf Elite darts at the same time. It comes to $ 26.49.

The Stormlander is inspired by Minecraft Dungeons and is based on the hammer weapon of this game. Loaded with three darts in the tip of the hammer, fire by pulling a trigger on the handle. It costs $ 20.99. You can check out the entire Nerf Minecraft line in the gallery below:

Nerf Minecraft Blaster

Three Nerf microshots blasters are also available for pre-order from today. The single-shot blasters are each inspired by a Minecraft mob – the Dragon, the Guardian, and the Ghast – and cost $ 10.99 each.

You can buy or pre-order the entire Nerf Minecraft line at Walmart now.

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