“NCIS”: Will he be the newest member of the team? Reinforcements for Parker and Co. in perspective

Of course, NCIS isn’t just Parker’s team. The Washington-based agency employs thousands of officers, including Special Agent Dale Sawyer. He was in the 18th and 19th season for one episode each. This time he is initially suspected of murder, but it turns out that he only wants to infiltrate a criminal organization and therefore fled the team.

His cover is soon blown, but with Torres’ help, he escapes his mission unscathed. Speaking of Torres, he and Sawyer have a special chemistry that we wish there was more of. The American media also celebrate their “bromance”. For example, Cinemablend.com writes, “There’s no doubt their dynamic in this episode was captivating. They both believe they know the best way forward and don’t want to follow each other’s plan.”

But can Sawyer really join Parker’s team? Dramaturgically, this addition would make sense. There is currently a huge void in Torres’ life. Bishop disappeared from his life, Gibbs’ departure also hit him hard. His departure was also mentioned. A new pal by his side would certainly do him good.

Actor Sawyer Zane Holtz certainly has time. According to the IMDb.com database, he has only one proposed new film that he has already completed (“Love Bomb”). The new season of “NCIS” will soon start on German television. Then German viewers will get a taste of the “bromance” between Sawyer and Torres.

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