nail fungus? These funds convince in the test

In addition to nail fungus remedies, ÖKO-TEST also tested 18 cosmetic nail oils, including seven certified natural cosmetics. You need to take care and harden the nails. And can also protect against infections. Because: hygiene and care are the best ways to prevent a fungal infection.

The prices of the tested nail oils vary considerably: while expensive branded products cost up to 13 euros per 10 ml, there are also much cheaper alternatives from 1.60 euros per 10 ml.

And above all the result is surprising, because, as often, expensive not necessarily better. The expensive nail oil just mentioned at 13 euros, the Artdeco Green Philosophy Intensive Nail Treatment Oil, does not pass the test with a rating of 6. Another oil, the Anny Miracle Smoothie Nail Oil from ICB, failed with an “insufficient” rating. In both cases, the laboratory found isoeugenol, a very powerful allergen. Other critical ingredients such as PEG/PEG derivatives and questionable UV filters are also responsible for the low rating.

The Trend it up nail repair oil from dm, on the other hand, is the cheapest nail oil in the test at 1.60 euros for 10 ml and scores “very good”. The experts have no complaints about the ingredients. Other cheap winners are Essence 10 Sec Nail Oil, Balea Nail Care Oil, Terra Naturi Nail Care Oil, Alverde Nail Care Oil and Alterra Nail Care Oil from Rossmann.

You can read the detailed test report for a fee on ÖKO-TEST.

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