Muni Long & Keyshia Cole speak out after Keyshia called them about giving their song to another artist as a gift

Keyshia Cole called out singer / songwriter Muni Long, officially known as Priscilla Renea, for giving away a song after paying for the sessions. Both women took up their Instagram lives to further discuss the situation.

The whole incident came to light when Keyshia Muni called on Twitter and said, “It’s crazy how lame you are. But I let it be! As the song says! You got my messages Muni and that you will give away songs when I have paid for the sessions! Don’t play FR with me. “

Muni later went live on her Instagram to explain the situation. She admitted that she had given the song to another artist and said, “She said she was gone withdraw. So how do we know what that really means? She didn’t turn on either of us and said, ‘Hey, I know, I say I’m retiring, but let’s keep these songs.’ She said she was ditching the project and it’s no disrespect like no tea, no shadow, I love Keyshia. I don’t play like that, if it’s for an artist, it’s for an artist. “

When Keyshia tried to get in touch with her, Muni said she saw Keyshia reaching for her. However, she was in a studio session with another artist at the time and doesn’t like being disrespectful in the studio and using her phone on the phone. So she had planned to reach Keyshia the next morning when she arrived in Atlanta, but by then she had seen Keyshia’s message on social media. “

Keyshia also hopped live on Instagram to speak on the topic, sharing that after their marriage ended, she didn’t know what to say in her music. At this point, she began working with various songwriters to express her thoughts.

“It’s part of the game I just learned. In a room with a lot of different people or a few different people or whatever. You go into the room with them and tell them your story, you tell them what you’ve been through, and they take a song that you created as an established artist that hits me a little differently, “said Keyshia. “How could you take what we were talking about that I just went through and give it to someone else without talking to me?”

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TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @ Jade_Ashley94

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