Mold release in the test: the best way

Even if the stains are still very small, they should not be ignored, but removed as quickly as possible, explains Guido Fischer from the Baden-Württemberg National Health Office.

“Residents can clean smaller areas of up to half a square meter on their own, provided they are not allergic or immunocompromised,” says Fischer. It is best to clean using personal protective equipment with an FFP2 mask and protective gloves.

The rooms must be ventilated during this period. In corners where air normally circulates poorly, a fan can help.

Prevent mold: ventilate regularly

To avoid mold, it is useful to ventilate regularly. So-called CO2 detectors are practical aids. They measure the CO2 content in the air and warn you if the concentration is too high, reminding you to ventilate. Stiftung Warentest tested 15 of these devices. You can find out more about the test winners and where you can buy the CO2 detectors cheaply here:

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