Mobile phone parking also has a catch: that’s why you should have spare change in the car

I may be old fashioned, but I don’t want to clutter my phone with multiple apps if I only use them occasionally. I already have more accounts than I can count, so I don’t want to memorize any further access data – or divulge personal data about my car and its current location.

Granted: For frequent users who constantly travel to other cities and need to park there, mobile phone parking is definitely more convenient than the regular parking ticket.

For me, the fact that I use the small compartment in the center console as a piggy bank for the parking machine remains the same. Most of the time I know pretty much exactly how long I’ll be on the road – and if I don’t have loose change with me, there’s that too Parking by SMSwhich also works without registration.

However, it’s best not to drive into the city in the first place if you can avoid it.

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