Mini chainsaws in the test: lots of power in a compact format

Unlike a real chainsaw, a mini chainsaw can usually be operated with one hand. This makes it reasonably safe to use on ladders. Of course, care must be taken to ensure that it is stable and that the saw cannot slip when cutting. Another advantage of mini chainsaws is their low weight of around one to two kilos. With these devices, trees can be pruned effortlessly without the risk of sore muscles in the evening. Modern mini chainsaws are powered by rechargeable batteries or batteries. Cable clutter is therefore completely eliminated here. So if you only want to prune your trees twice a year, but avoid the often tedious handling of pruners, a mini chainsaw is the best choice.

This is how mini chainsaws work

Like their bigger brothers, mini chainsaws have a guide bar and a rotating chain. The cutting links of the chain, which rotate at high speed, ensure that even large branches can be removed almost effortlessly and boards can be sawed off without any problems. Mini chainsaws do not require much maintenance. They only need to be oiled occasionally so they don’t overheat. If you want to enjoy your chain as long as possible, you should also have it sharpened once a year or get your own sharpening device.

This is how pruning works

Tree pruning is often a closed book, especially for laymen.

This is what experts advise: Although wounds heal best when pruning trees in early summer, stone, pome and berry trees as well as spherical trees should be pruned from January to early march. The reason: At this time, trees have a lot of reserve substances. The only condition for cutting is that the temperature should not fall below minus five degrees Celsius. In summer then at most the treetops a little lighter.

Spring-flowering flowers, on the other hand, should not be pruned in winter in any case, so as not to deprive them of their flowering. Garden shears should only be used after the flowering period and a mini chainsaw should be used for thicker branches.

When it comes to tree pruning, amateurs can do a lot of harm. It is not for nothing that many companies have specialized in this activity. But for the ambitious home gardener, that’s not an option. After all, even an amateur chef doesn’t let anyone cook, but gets into the kitchen. A certain basic knowledge cannot harm both passions. Thus, in many regions there are both cooking classes and seminars for the perfect tree cutting. Many such courses are also available online, for example on YouTube.

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