Millions of people are entitled to it: with this method, workers have up to ten additional vacation days

The right to educational leave is regulated differently in different Länder, as is the question of what form of educational leave is recognised. “That’s why it’s important to consider carefully in advance what applies in the field in which you work,” says Till Bender, spokesperson for the legal protection department of the German Confederation of Trade Unions (DGB ).

In part, the concept is not called educational leave, but educational leave or educational time. In Bavaria and Saxony, there is practically no right to educational leave, but you can always ask your employer if help is possible, explains Lara Körber.

“If you can make your boss plausible that it’s useful for the job, that’s always a good argument,” Bender says. Then the costs could be borne proportionally or the overtime could be reduced. In principle, the costs of the seminars are borne by the employee.

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