Military proven: this trick is supposed to put you to sleep in 2 minutes

Relax from face to toe

The trick should not only work in bed at home, but almost anywhere. It’s not the sleeping position that matters, it’s the face. It’s the epicenter of our emotions, says the military expert: “He who relaxes his face signals the rest of his body to relax as well.” So: close your eyes and relax the muscles of your jaw, tongue and mouth one after the other.

Now proceed step by step with the rest of your body: consciously relax your shoulders and neck, then your arms and hands. The expert explains: Once the upper body relaxes, you are almost asleep. Then come the legs. Relax your right thigh first, then your calf and foot. Then do the same with your left side.

Finally, stop the carousel of thoughts

Now, according to the military expert, all that is missing is one step to falling asleep: stopping your own thoughts: “Imagine that you are lying on a comfortable sofa in a completely dark room. Hold on to this image for ten seconds. If that doesn’t work, repeat the words “Don’t think, don’t think” over and over.” This technique takes a little practice, but after six weeks, 96% of users would be able to fall asleep in two minutes.

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