Microwaves at Stiftung Warentest: four devices are test winners

For issue 12/2022, Stiftung Warentest reviewed a total of 17 microwaves. In addition to eleven classic models, the experts also tested six appliances with grill function. The first priority for evaluation is the microwave function, i.e. the quality and regularity with which the machines heat, defrost or cook food. In the case of microwaves with an additional grill function, this was also put through a practical test. Criteria such as handling, including microwave cleanability, environmental properties and safety are included in the assessment.

Of 11 classic models, five are rated “good”, including the three test winners, each with a rating of 2.3. The rest is “satisfactory”. In the case of microwaves with grill, only one note “good”. Four others are “satisfactory” and one device is considered “sufficient”.

In the following overview we show you an overview of the three classic test winners as well as the best microwave with grill function. Expect a purchase price of 120 to 180 euros for a good microwave. On average, the machines cost less than 30 euros per year to maintain. Depending on use and electricity supplier, the model with grill function incurs electricity costs of around 60 euros per year.

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