Metroid Dread developer MercurySteam is currently working on a third-person action RPG set in a dark fantasy world and has partnered with Control publisher 505 Games to develop it.

505’s parent company, Digital Bros, publishes a Press release Announces that MercurySteam’s next game will be codenamed Project Iron – a third-person action RPG to be released to PC and consoles. While the company has not commented on a possible release window for the game, it notes that the initial investment for the project is € 27 million (or about $ 30 million).

Elsewhere in the announcement, it states that Project Iron’s intellectual property is jointly owned by MercurySteam and Digital Bros. Although very few details about the project have been revealed so far, it appears to be in safe hands given the wealth of experience of MercurySteam. Before developing Metroid Dread, the company also worked on titles such as Metroid: Samus Returns and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

“We are very excited to be working with the team at MercurySteam, a proven studio that has emerged over the years
numerous phenomenal IPs – including the recent hit release Metroid Dread in collaboration with Nintendo “,
stated Co-CEOs of the Digital Bros. Group Raffi and Rami Galante. “With the creative vision and talent of MercurySteam and the extensive experience of 505 Games, gamers can expect a high quality, addicting, and addicting video game.”

Metroid Dread screenshots

MercurySteam partnered with Nintendo Metroid Dread in October. While the series certainly has its fair share of loyal fans, the game’s success has allowed it to comfortably beat record US sales for the series – a factor that could bode well for the future of the franchise.

Upon its release, the game debuted in October as the third best-selling game in the US. Although Metroid: Dread released over a week during that period, it also came out as the top-selling game on the Nintendo Switch.

For more information on Metroid Dread, check out our review of the game, where we gave it a 9/10, stating that it was “the [franchise’s] legendary exploration and advancement, combining it with excellent modern combat and some of the best boss fights ever. “

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