Meatless burger patties: harmful substances in well-known veggie products

Juicy, red, meaty: it’s what you expect from a burger patty. In terms of taste and appearance, meatless patties are often surprisingly close, as a sample from Stiftung Warentest shows.

According to the magazine ‘test’ (issue 5/2021), every second vegetarian pancake gives good results. However, five products are obviously contaminated. test winner is the “Beyond Meat” patty (test verdict: “good”). At just under 4 euros per pack, it is one of the most expensive test products.

The patties of also performed well and in some cases significantly cheaper Edeka “No meat just Burger”The Vegetarian Butcher, Garden Gourmet, Valess, Kaufland, Wheaty, Rossmann and Lotao.

However, consumers can only buy two of the best in-store products unchanged: patties from Edeka and Rossmann. According to the supplier, the test winner “Beyond Meat” is now sold revised, just like The Vegetarian Butcher, Garden Gourmet and Lotao.

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