McDonald’s is changing the drink system: customers now have several options

Since the beginning of January, the fast food chain McDonald’s has been offering its own reusable system with reusable packaging for a deposit of two euros.

When ordering at the counter or at the McDrive counter, for example, customers can now choose whether they want their milkshake or Coke in a paper cup or in a reusable plastic cup, as before.

If you want your drink in a reusable cup, you pay an additional deposit of 2 euros per pack. The surcharge will be refunded as soon as customers return the cup to the counter of a German McDonald’s or the first counter of a McDrive. This helps ensure that the package finds its way back.

Changes also at Burger King

Burger King, meanwhile, works with a reusable systems provider, so customers can also return their reusable cups to all of these distribution points. According to the company, each reusable cup should be able to replace up to 1,000 disposable cups over its useful life.

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