McDonald’s, Bakeries & Co. Respond to New Law: It’s Changing Now for Takeout

Reusable tableware is issued against a deposit, which is refunded when you return it. Alternatively, you can also exchange used crockery for newly filled crockery at your favorite café or restaurant each time you pick it up.

However, Saskia Erdmann, sustainability expert at the Consumer Advice Center in Berlin, advises a quick return. Otherwise, the restaurant will not have the vessels, which will then have to increase its stock. Ultimately, this means producing more reusable cups, which consumes resources and harms the sustainability of the system.

By the way: there are reusable systems that are used in many stores – and can therefore also be returned to all of these stores.

Some systems require a deposit, others work with an app-based registration system. The fast food chain McDonald’s, for example, has announced that it will offer its own reusable system with reusable packaging for a deposit of two euros. Burger King, meanwhile, works with a reusable systems provider, so customers can also return their reusable cups to all of these distribution points. According to the company, each reusable cup should be able to replace up to 1,000 disposable cups over its useful life.

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