Matrix Awakens Unreal Engine 5 “Experience” leaks on PSN

According to a new leak, a playable matrix “experience” should appear soon. The artwork was discovered in the PSN backend and says it will be created in Unreal Engine 5.

the GamingLeaksandrumors subreddit posted what looks like a poster or digital thumbnail for The Matrix Awakens “An Unreal Engine 5 Experience”. The original post says it was found on the PSN store and that this experience is for the PlayStation 5.

Photo credit: PSN via r / GamingLeaksAndRumours

Photo credit: PSN via r / GamingLeaksAndRumours

While there aren’t any confirmations, that experience is likely to feed into the upcoming film, The Matrix Resurrections, which is slated to hit theaters December 22nd and HBO Max.

Unreal Engine 5 is the newest game engine from Epic Games with advances in lighting and texture technology. Epic showed off its new engine with a number of tech demos, and while these demos won’t become full games, its main character has become prominent enough to join the Fortnite roster.

Since it is clearly labeled “Experience,” this is unlikely to be a complete Matrix game, despite the fact that the Matrix previously pioneered video game customization. It even goes as far as “killing” Morpheus and naming the canon of events (although, given the plot of Matrix Resurrections, this does not now seem to be the case).

The Matrix Resurrections teaser images

Either way, a matrix video gaming experience on a high-end engine seems like a great way to promote the upcoming movie. The stars of Matrix Resurrections also made the media rounds, with Keanu Reeves talking about how little the cast rehearsed in preparation for the film and Jessica Henwick about the red pill and blue pill choice she had to make between Matrix and Shang. Chi.

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