Mastodon alternative to Twitter: here’s what the free tool can do and here’s how it works

That depends on. But first, it’s important to know: via each server, you can also view all content from all other servers and interact with all other users. This is the purpose of the Federation view.

However, each server operator can block other servers. And she can set rules that then apply to users on her own server. It therefore makes sense to look for a community that you can not only identify with thematically, but whose moderation you generally like.

Are there server directories?

Yes. A server directory can be found on the official Mastodon website. It only contains servers committed to moderation against racism, sexism and transphobia (

Another possible starting point for your own Mastodon account is the “” page, which currently lists over 3700 servers worldwide. If you answer a few questions, you will be presented with a list of servers that might be suitable for you.

While you can register directly with many servers, there are also instances where an invite must be requested first, no longer accepting new members, or are basically closed – such as the “Social.bund. de”, that the Federal Data Protection Commissioner set up for federal agencies.

What if I later find a community that I like better?

No problem. On the one hand, several accounts on different Mastodon servers are possible at the same time. On the other hand, an existing account, including subscribers, can be moved to a new account on another server at any time. Instructions can be found directly in account settings or in the Mastodon documentation.

In the settings under “Import and export” you can also download the other categories of data (except media) in CSV format, such as lists or bookmarks. And not just to import them into the new account if you plan to move.

Regular backups are also important in case the instance you are connected to shuts down unexpectedly. All categories of data, including media storage, can be downloaded as an archive once a week.

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