Massage devices on the test: here is pure relaxation

percussion massagers

As their name suggests, tapping massagers attempt to relieve tension with constant tapping motions. The bottom line: There’s a fine line between devices that hit way too hard and therefore feel uncomfortable and shy machines that have no effect. In general, one can say of percussion massagers: they are usually not suitable for severe back pain. Another disadvantage: To be able to use a tapping massager really effectively, a second person is usually needed to guide the device up and down in the back area. And they should know exactly where the vertebrae and bones are. Because when a percussion massager is used on these parts of the body, it is usually very uncomfortable.

massage cushions and neck massagers

Massage cushions or neck massagers are much more comfortable to use. While neck massagers are attached in the neck area with loops, massage cushions can be attached to the back of a chair, for example. Both work with balls that can change direction. They ensure pleasant relaxation of the back and neck muscles, especially if they also work with heat and have different speed levels.

massage mat

In addition to using the back of a chair, a massage mat can also be simply laid on the floor or in the bed. This makes it possible to massage the back in the most relaxed position when we simply lie down on our massage mat. Back pain can be treated over a large area with a massage mat. In addition, massage mats often offer other application possibilities with air pressure and vibration massage than devices that only work with rollers or tapping. Disadvantage of massage mats: The more functions such a device has, the higher the price.

massage guns

A hybrid among massage devices are the so-called massage guns, which work with a mixture of tapping movements and vibrations. Large-scale processing is not possible with these generally quite compact devices. In addition, many areas of the body are difficult to reach. However, to treat individual tight muscles, massage guns are definitely recommended. In the case of treatments in the back area, however, it is often helpful to have a partner who is the masseur.

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