Masahiro Sakurai jokes about playing It Takes Two alone

Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of Super Smash Bros., is known for sometimes playing two characters in Smash Bros. against himself at the same time. He is did it multiple times previously, including at a Nintendo Direct to demonstrate the banjo and kazooie. But while this is an admittedly silly way of playing Smash, Sakurai recently hinted that he could play other games like this one, too. Like It Takes Two.

When It Takes Two won Game of the Year at the Game Awards, Sakurai posted on his Twitter that it might be possible to play It Takes Two with two controllers alone. The co-op has some pretty tricky coordinated puzzle and boss fights, but given the complexity of Smash (especially if you’re the series creator trying to look flawless on a Nintendo Direct), it totally seems like Sakurai has done it.

He even added two different configurations based on his own previous comments about how he used to play with two controllers at the same time on the GameCube by stacking them vertically. Unfortunately, he can’t do that on the Switch Pro Controller without accidentally pressing L and R.

Unfortunately, Sakurai doesn’t show whether he actually played It Takes Two himself or doesn’t want to play. Hopefully he’ll find a buddy to play it through with, if not, as It Takes Two is a “spectacular co-op adventure that shows a path with great gameplay ideas and uses it to play a dizzying bouncing game” (or at least.) we thought it would be in our rating).

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