Leeds, UK: The digital martech innovator Modo25 (www.modo25.com) has secured a fourth six-digit investment round for its award-winning BOSCO ™ Connect solution, which offers real and significant benefits to online marketers worldwide.

This time around, the investment came from three new investors with significant industry experience to support the continued global growth of Modo25 and BOSCO ™.

Flint and Readman

Flint and Readman

Richard Flint, former CEO of Sky Betting & Gaming, was behind this well-documented growth of Yorkshire’s most successful tech scale-up business. Richard still sits on the broader Flutter board as a non-executive director:
https://www.flutter.com/investor-relations/board-of-directors. Richard is now the chairman of Butternutbox, the fast growing online subscription dog food company, and an investor in a number of other technology companies.

Mark White, President and COO of SEKO Logistics, has led SEKO’s growth into one of the world’s most trusted retail logistics and supply chain partners – and underpins the backbone of the massive shift to online retail. Mark’s knowledge and experience will be of great benefit to Modo25 as they attract more global e-commerce companies to the BOSCO ™ Connect – Marketing Intelligence Platform.

Keith Hunt of Results International has extensive experience overseeing multiple mergers and acquisitions around the world. In the last 20 years his focus has been on marketing agencies, SaaS MarTech and software companies. His knowledge of scaling a global SaaS business will be critical to the next stage of the Modo25 journey.

Modo25 is the powerhouse behind the martech platform BOSCO ™ Connect, the machine learning platform that helps retailers and companies increase the return on their digital marketing and measure the success of their organic and paid media channels against their competitors.

This is the fourth such investment the company has received in the past twelve months. It enables Modo25 to expand its ambitious local recruiting offensive; which has already brought 40 new digital jobs to Yorkshire.

Following the investment, new jobs are currently available in the UK (based in Leeds): Digital Marketing, Data Science and Customer Service. Modo 25 is also interested in hearing from seasoned US Internet Retailing executives interested in playing a role in a growing global company.

On the social front, the investment announcement supports Modo25’s other core objective – raising funds for charity. All of the latest investors share Readman’s passion for cycling and fundraising for the 1moreChild orphanage in Jinja, Uganda.

Commenting on his investment, one of the new investors said: Richard Flint said, “Modo25 CEO John Readman is emerging as a global champion for Yorkshire business in the world of online performance marketing and analytics. To be honest, I am impressed with his outstanding vision, creativity and will to succeed. The business model he uses here is proving to be a winner and the “Software as a Service” solutions that Modo25 offers through BOSCO ™ Connect offer real and powerful benefits for online retailers around the world.

I can speak for the other investors when I say that we look forward to helping on the board and seeing the Modo25 team continue to realize their commercial and fundraising potential. “

Modo25 CEO John Readman welcomed Richard’s comments, adding, “We are delighted that Richard, Keith and Mark have invested in the Modo25 vision. Thanks to their investments, we can expand our ambitious ongoing recruitment drive, which has already created over 40 new jobs in and around Leeds. “

For more information, contact abby@askbosco.com or call 0113 3502560


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Notes for editors:

  1. BOSCO ™ empowers retailers with predictive marketing analysis and enables them to plan, predict, and capitalize on marketing spend.
  2. BOSCO ™ was developed by digital marketing and technology provider Modo25.
  3. Bosco is the name of the gentleman who runs the 1moreChild orphanage in Jinja, Uganda, a charity supported by both Modo25 and BOSCO ™.

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