Margarine worse than butter? All kinds contaminated

Only two products can be recommended without “very good”, but with “good”. Bellasan vegetable margarine from Aldi North and Kauflands Despite slight criticisms, the K-Classic vegetable margarine was able to convince the testers with its ingredients.

According to ÖKO-TEST, they provide a “satisfactory” result the following products:

  • Deli Reform The Original Walter Rau Margarine
  • Good and cheap vegetable margarine from Edeka
  • Rela vegetable margarine from Netto Markendiscount
  • Margarine Vita D’or from Lidl

The Becel Gold Pro Activ (Upfield), Bellasan Pflanzen Margarine (Aldi Süd) and Rama and Sanella from the manufacturer Upfield only achieved a “good enough”. Mineral oil components are slightly increased to increased here.

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