Man shot dead in Buckhead cinema after quarreling over seats

The Atlanta Police Department is currently investigating a shootout that occurred Monday night in which a man was injured after he was shot while trying to watch the latest Spiderman movie.

According to CBS 46says the police, the incident occurred on AMC theater in Phipps Plaza, around 10:45 p.m. A man reportedly shot another man after a dispute over assigned seats began. The shooter ran away after the incident and the victim was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital, where he is in stable condition Fox 5 Atlanta.

Police are reportedly still searching for the suspect and released a description. They said they were looking for a man who would wear a black jacket and white hoodie. They are also looking for a woman who was with the man.

The suspect and a woman arrived at the theater after the film started and found someone in their seats. An argument broke out over the seating and then the suspect shot the victim.

Atlanta Police are asking people to solve their problems without the use of firearms after they report they saw an “influx” of people carrying guns in public.

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