Man arrested after photos with Santa Claus went viral

When the bending goes wrong! Roommate, if there is one thing the Innanet is doing, it will catch up with you if you do the wrong things out here because you never know who is watching. One man is learning this the hard way and is behind bars after photos he took with his friend, showing stacks of money and guns at a Baton Rouge mall earlier this week, went viral with Santa at a Baton Rouge mall earlier this week became. It looks like the viral photo caught the attention of people on the internet – including the police.

According to SEP, one of the men who turned it upside down with Santa, is at the center of a criminal investigation. Baton Rouge police have confirmed they are now viewing the pictures that appear to have been taken recently in the Mall of Louisiana. The department said it was first informed of the incident after the photos were shared on social media.

Almonzo Paul, 29, who wears a red jacket in the photos and is holding large amounts of cash, was arrested on Thursday with an independent warrant from Texas. Almonzo didn’t seem to be holding a gun in the photos like his unknown friend. It is unclear what the warrant was intended for, and reports do not indicate whether the unknown man is currently on trial.

When we first shared the photos on Tuesday, over 4,000 roommates left comments on the unorthodox Christmas pictures. One commented: “It looks like they held Santa Claus against his will.” Another commented, “I have nowhere to take Louisiana Ni *** s. However, Santa looks happy to be there. ”It is currently unclear whether either man will be charged with the incident.

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