Mail delivery may take longer in the future: Deutsche Post wants to change the law

This request met with a misunderstanding at Appel. He couldn’t see what his company would do differently if the penalties were set by law. “We will continue to try to find more employees,” Appel said. “Possible sanctions may interest the public, but they will not help in the situation.”

CEO and CFO Melanie Kreis presented third quarter numbers on Tuesday. Mainly thanks to the brilliant activity with the freight, Deutsche Post DHL achieved a strong cash register, the group’s sales increased by 20% compared to the same period last year to reach around 24 billion euros. The freight division’s revenues even increased by 38%, the other divisions were also doing well. Group profit rose 13% to 1.2 billion euros. The fact that the activities were less profitable overall is also explained by negative exchange rate effects.

But the Post Office’s core business – domestic mail and parcels – has once again weakened. Sales stagnated at 3.9 billion euros and operating profit (EBIT) fell by 3%. If you deduct the additional costs of a special corona bonus paid to the workforce in the same quarter of the previous year, the minus is even 18%. In fact, the domestic mail and parcel market is rather a problem child: while management has raised the annual forecast for the entire group, it has lowered the target for Post & Parcel Germany somewhat.

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