Linkvertise bypass tools galore. So, if you are looking for how to bypass linkvertise advertising links, here is the best Linkvertise bypass to use right now.

Many Roblox players, myself included, have been searching for the best URL shortener options ever since Google URL Shortener shut down three years ago.

There are a plethora of options to be honest with some offering quick and easy service, while others, like the free Linkvertise, are more marketing focused.

For the uninformed, Linkvertise is basically a website designed to allow users to shorten long, ugly URLs into nice, memorable, and trackable links.

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One of its strengths unlike most competitors is that it pays publishers every time a user clicks on their links and displays ads.

For this reason, Linkvertise has become the go-to site for most Robloxians looking to earn money by shortening links to Roblox game scripts.

Now assuming you’re looking to avoid the hassle of watching ads before getting the content you want, here are the best Linkvertise workaround services and how to use them.

1. The Ferryman


The passer prides itself on being the best Linkvertise bypass on the web and having used it, I couldn’t agree more. The tool comes in handy when you are looking to easily bypass linkvertise ad links.

To use it, simply launch Chrome and navigate to the site. From there, paste the linkvertise URL you want to bypass in the box provided and click the Bypass Add-Link button.

2. Bypass.Vip


Unlike the Bypasser, Bypass.Vip offers support for a plethora of URL shortening websites as well as various subscription platforms to unlock such as, and more.

To use it, all you have to do is visit the site, then paste the linkvertise URL copied from your clipboard into the box provided and press bypass to get an exit link.

3. NabilaAFK


NabilaAFK is a no-frills and free Linkvertise bypass tool created by developer Nabil on Github. Unlike its competitors, it has no annoying pop-ups and works effortlessly.

Just paste the linkvertise url under your guard in the single space of the site and click on Bypass Ad-Link to get the desired result.


There are a plethora of Linkvertise bypass tools on the internet and even though most of them work, they are just a cheap copy or clones of the aforementioned sites. So, assuming you are looking for a free, reliable linkvertise bypass with less pop-ups, you better use one of the services listed above.

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