Lil Nas X reveals he has Covid-19 in a series of now-deleted tweets

Lil Nas X would like to add a little humor to his positive Covid-19 status. At least that’s what it looked like before he deleted an entire thread of tweets saying so. On Friday, the artist hopped on Twitter to deliver some news on his health. Apparently he got the ‘rona and it is causing havoc in his leisure activities.

“Covid really sucks,” tweeted Lil Nas X. “Last night I tried to watch porn, then I covered Lmao’s whole penis with snot.”

This tweet lived the longest on Lil Nas X’s profile, however, at some point on Friday night, he hit the delete button on it. Prior to this tweet, Lil Nas also made comments that they are comfortable joking about Covid-19. His rationale was to confirm that the virus will not result in his death.

It all happened shortly after former President Barack Obama shared his annual lists in music, reading and film. On the list, President Obama included Lil Nas X’s hit album “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)”.

“When I saw this, I started walking around the house excitedly, then remembered I had Covid, lol,” tweeted Lil Nas X.

The artist promptly deleted the tweet along with two others who alluded to jokes about the situation. It is currently unclear which of these tweets came first due to its deleted status.

“I’m not sure if I had the Omarion or Alicia Keys variant of Covid, but this hasn’t been a fun trip,” wrote Lil Nas, referring to a Black Twitter viral moment.

He also added in a separate tweet, “Now that I’m sure I won’t die of Covid, I’ll now start making slightly funny jokes about having it.”

Well, it looks like he either got that PR call or decided himself the tweets were a bit much. Anyway, Lil Nas X did not explain his decisions after the deletion until Friday night.

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