‘Legendz Of The Streetz’ tour booker & promoter Sue Boosie for the confrontation that took place at the State Farm Arena (Update)

Back in October Boosie briefly took the stage at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta for the “Legendz of the Streetz” tour, where he was to appear as one of the many acts. Things ended abruptly, however, when an argument broke out on stage during his performance. Now he’s being sued by the tour’s booker and promoter.

According to the lawsuit of TMZ, MN2S Corp. and We Are Live Entertainment claim Boosie caused the mayhem that broke out on stage during the October concert. As a result, equipment was damaged and the rest of the show had to close after the entire incident.

The companies claim Boosie was booked for five different appearances on the tour for a total of $ 150,000. Boosie reportedly received $ 50,000 prior to the tour’s first night. They claim Boosie contacted the president of We Are Live Entertainment asking for more money and when he was rejected they claim Boosie said he was going to ruin things.

They claim that Boosie damaged equipment during the incident before they even went out of their way to secure it, and now they are seeking $ 525,000 in damages. However, Boosie says he and his team were attacked with guns by stage people. In an Instagram post, he said: “We were attacked by stage people with guns that shouldn’t have guns.”

A few days after the show it was Boosie arrested and posted to Fulton County Jail. He turned himself in after the promoter filed a complaint. He was charged with rioting and property destruction and was detained.

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