Leftovers from the freezer: can freezer burnt food still be eaten?

You can usually recognize freezer burn by ice crystals, grayish discolored areas, or white spots. The affected food then no longer tastes as good and has lost the nutrients it contained. The stains can no longer absorb water during defrosting, which is why the food continues to lose its flavor and acquire a hard consistency. The meat in particular tastes like leather.

Basically, consumers don’t have to worry about eating freezer burnt foods. Because this happens either because too much air gets into the packaging during freezing and the surface of the frozen products has dried out. Or because the cold chain was interrupted during your shopping.

Point: To avoid freezer burn on freshly purchased products, check the packaging for damage. Especially with meat you have to consider that an interrupted cold chain is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and germs and therefore you have to be careful.

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