LED projector in the CHIP lab: Acer has the advantage

The CHIP test center examined five very different LED projectors. The winner of the test is the Acer GD711 for the modest sum of 1,280 euros – anything but a bargain. After all, our number one (grade 1.2) brings very good performance: thanks to the pixel shift, the LED projector manages a respectable 4K screen with 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. The top rating of 1.0 is given to the awe-inspiring image quality. The projector automatically compensates for vertically distorted images and there is no optical zoom. Flaw: The built-in speaker only delivers poor TV sound.

Our price advice is as follows Aopen QH11. With a price of around 165 euros, it is unbeatably cheap. The LED projector is passable, but don’t expect too much for the price. Its luminous flux is rather low, the checkerboard contrast is average. In addition to HDMI and USB, content can also be played via micro SD and WLAN. There is a holder on the top for smartphones.

In the following table we briefly show you the best LED spotlights in the test. If you are looking for more information and want to know more about the different devices, you should also take a look at our detailed purchase advice.

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