LED light for the car: replace cheap H7 bulbs now

LED headlights are brighter than conventional alternatives – and therefore indirectly promise more safety when driving. In addition, LEDs are also more durable and give off much less heat. Many modern cars are already equipped with LED headlights, but LEDs can now be installed legally – at least some. Osram, for example, announces on its product “Night Breaker H7-LED” that it has brought the first type-approved LED dipped beam to the market in Germany (see on amazon).

In the meantime, however, Osram has competition from the also approved “Philips Ultinon Pro6000 H7-LED” LED bulb (see on amazon). In some vehicles, the LEDs can only be used with an adapter ring. You can find a matching selection on Amazon (see on amazon).

Replacement of LED headlights

Whether or not you can fit any of the LED bulbs above varies from car to car. Osram and Philips both offer a compatibility list to check if your car is supported (see table below). Check the number with your vehicle’s headlight approval number on the appropriate page. You will find the number on the vehicle registration document and on the headlight.

On the other hand, it would be necessary to check the ease or the difficulty of accessing the bulb directly on the car. If you don’t feel confident doing the conversion yourself, a workshop can also do the job.

After installation, you still need to download the approval (ABG) from the LED manufacturer and take it with you in the car.

In the table below you can see an overview of H7 LED bulbs. If you are looking for more product information and useful basic knowledge, you should also check out our in-depth shopping advice on the subject.

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