LeBron James tests positive for COVID-19 and has to miss several games

Roommate, the latest COVID-19-related news in the NBA is currently reporting that LeBron James has now tested positive for the virus. According to NBA officials, LeBron James was placed on the list of health and safety protocols after contracting COVID-19 and will therefore miss several games.

It was recently unveiled by NBA officials that LeBron James officially tested positive for COVID-19 after filing a lateral flow test and two PCR tests. Despite being fully vaccinated and currently asymptomatic, the Los Angeles Lakers decided to charter a private jet for LeBron so it could fly home safely without infecting others.

The NBA also put him on the league’s health and safety protocols, which resulted in him missing tonight’s game against the Sacramento Kings – however, this definitely won’t be the only game he’ll miss. Due to NBA rules, LeBron is not allowed to be around his teammates for the next 10 days and until he has at least two negative COVID-19 tests.

As we reported back in September, LeBron James spoke out very loudly in favor of not forcing teammates to be vaccinated. “We are talking about the bodies of individuals. We are not talking about something that is political or racism or police brutality. Things like that. We talk about the body and the well-being of people. “

He added at the time, “So, personally, I don’t feel as though I should get involved with what other people should do for their bodies and for their livelihoods.”

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