Lawyer appeals 110-year prison sentence against truck drivers after a brake failure caused an accident that killed 4 people

A jury in Colorado convicted Rogel Aguilera-Mederos in October for a 2019 truck accident that killed four people. At the time, Rogel informed the police that the brakes on the semi-trailer truck on Interstate 70 near Denver had failed. According to CNN, he drove 85 mph. The jury found Rogel guilty of multiple charges, including vehicle homicide, first degree assault, attempted first degree assault, assault and reckless driving, to name a few. Then on Monday, Judge Bruce Jones condemns Rogel to 110 years imprisonment for the accident.

Judge pronounces judgment, lawyer wants to appeal

“I accept and respect what the defendant said about his lack of intention to harm people, but he made a number of terrible choices, ruthless choices,” said Judge Jones at the verdict.

The judge also clarified that 110 years at his discretion “not” [his] Sentence. “However, Judge Jones was apparently bound by Colorado law on minimum sentences for some of the charges.

Nevertheless, Rogel’s attorney James Colgan wants to appeal. James told CNN that Rogel didn’t deserve to die in jail. James said her appeal will focus on “the facts and mistakes that were made in the process”. He said it was not about the judgment, but about the law itself, which he described as “barbaric and draconian”.

Details of the fatal accident

During the trial, Lakewood police testified that no alcohol or drugs were involved in the accident. The affidavit states that Rogel tried to avoid the traffic by driving on the hard shoulder of the autobahn. However, Rogel says that another articulated truck has already stopped there. Shortly before the crash, Rogel said he closed his eyes thinking he was going to die. The result was a pile-up with 28 cars in which four people between the ages of 24-69 were killed. CBS Denver reported that the freeway was closed to travelers in both directions for 24 hours.

At the time of the accident, Rogel was 23 years old. His attorney described him as a Cuban immigrant who “loved his life in America,” according to CBS Denver. He has no criminal record. He received his commercial license from Texas. Friends and family presented him as “a good young man” who is married and has a son.

“I ask for forgiveness. I wish that all the sincere pain disappears from all of our hearts, ”said Rogel tearfully at the condemnation.

In a separate interview with CBS, the former driver also admitted wishing he died in place of 61-year-old Doyle Harrison, 67-year-old William Bailey, 24-year-old Miguel Angel Lamas and 69-year-old Stanley Politano , 69.

Public calls for different results

The public now seems to be on Rogel’s side after the harsh verdict. Several petitions have surfaced on following the news. Especially someone who demands commutation as a punishment or pardon, boasts over three million signatures from Friday afternoon.

People are also asking Colorado Governor Jared Polis to intervene. The governor answered the questions the pardon on Thursday.

“We are reviewing all pardons, we haven’t received one from the individual yet, but every pardon we receive we review and make a decision,” said Governor Polis.

This is a developing story.

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