Knives Out: Will Daniel Craig’s hit crime enter the third round soon?

There probably hasn’t been a movie deal in recent years that has garnered so much attention. When “Knives Out” turned out to be a surprise hit at the international box office, streaming service Netflix approached Rian Johnson. They wanted to get the rights to “Knives Out 2” and “Knives Out 3”. Johnson hit – and who could blame him: he got an incredible US$450 million for the deal. A sum probably unprecedented in the industry.

‘Knives Out 3’ has already been ordered – and if Johnson works at his usual pace, we can expect 2024/25 to end. Apart from the return of Daniel Craig in his new star role, no other returnees have been confirmed. Johnson told Deadline he already had some ideas for Benoit Blanc’s new adventure. He doesn’t want to start writing the screenplay until 2023.

He left open the subject of content, but the movies’ recipe is clear: lots of stars, murder mystery, and a load of jokes that won’t leave a dry eye.

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