That’s how you do it! Kim Kardashian always uses her platform to make a difference. She used her leverage to recently support Julius Jones, who campaigned to have his execution commuted by Oklahoma Governor Stitt. Julius is alive and is now being sentenced to life imprisonment with no parole. However, that’s not the only reason Kim put her energy into it. Corresponding ESPN On Thursday, Kim, a New York rabbi and Premier League club Leeds United, and other members of an Afghan women’s youth football team helped get to safety after their country was evacuated.

The fact that the young women and their families were abandoned to play sports is seen as a political act of resistance against the Taliban. Hundreds of women athletes have reportedly left Afghanistan since the group returned to power and began restricting women’s education and freedom. Kim and her team chartered a plane that carried over 30 teenage players and their families.

About 130 people landed safely in the UK at Stansted Airport near London. Players will spend ten days in COVID-19 quarantine before starting a new life in the UK. Khalida Popal, a former captain of the Afghan women’s national team who led the evacuation of athletes, said she was delighted with the rescue as she was so happy and relieved that the girls and their families were out of danger.

“Many of these families left their homes when the Taliban took power. Their homes were burned down, “Popal told The Associated Press. “Some of their family members were killed or kidnapped by the Taliban. So the danger and the stress were very high and so it was very important to act quickly to get them out of Afghanistan. “

Kim shared a video online with the partying girls and thanked everyone involved in the effort through several Instagram story posts. Kim always stands up for those in need. We love to see it!

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