Keeping Your Whole Body in Shape: The Best Rowers

Rowing machines – the all-rounder among sports equipment: almost all muscle groups are challenged during a workout. A rowing machine is recommended for those who want to improve their posture and work the back muscles in particular.

Our specialist editors have evaluated test reports from various portals as well as popular products and customer reviews on Amazon and selected the best recommendations based on this data.

Users agreed: the rower Concept2 Indoor Rower 2711 is the best home rower in comparison. The model was particularly able to shine because it uses air resistance during training. So you can easily adjust how hard you row yourself. Relaxed training and more intensive training are possible. The rowing machine runs pleasantly and quietly, the chain can run freely. There is also a lot of praise from users for the handling: thanks to the quick release, the Concept2 model can be easily transported. However, the Concept2 Indoor Rower 2711 is not for bargain hunters: you have to invest just over 1,000 euros in the best exercise bike.

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