Keep an eye on energy costs: save electricity and gas meter readings via app

The free version doesn’t give you any thumbscrews. You can store all your counters and any number of readings in the app. There are no restrictions. Provide readings with exact date and time.

For a cost overview, you should enter the current prices of your utility contracts. Otherwise, the app calculates with average values, which show whether saving measures help, but only concrete prices give you an accurate picture of your situation.

The “Activities” section is interesting: Here you can create activities such as washing, bathing or ironing and find out how much it costs to fill a bathtub or a load of colored laundry. To do this, enter the current meter reading and add the action to the relevant meters.

Good idea: the developer lets users vote on the next features. Apparently, there will probably soon be the possibility of filing a photo with the meter readings as a guarantee in the event of a dispute with the supplier.

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