Keanu Reeves wants to play Constantine again, but nobody lets him

Keanu Reeves has returned to many iconic roles lately, from Neo in Matrix Resurrections to Ted in Bill and Ted Face the Music. But one role he doesn’t want to return to despite Reeves’ personal wishes is John Constantine.

Speaking of which The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Reeves was asked what other previous role he was going back to, knowing that if he asked he would likely get it. But that’s not true, explained Reeves.

“That’s not true! That is happening. I would love to play John Constantine from the Constantine movie again.” Reeves added that while he was “trying” a second Constantine movie with him in the role is on the way bring there was no interest from Hollywood.

“I’ve tried Stephen,” Reeves repeated desperately.

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Reeves played John Constantine, an exorcist from the DC Vertigo universe and a member of the Justice League Dark, in a 2005 film. Constantine in the comics faces more supernatural and magical threats that the regular Justice League normally doesn’t deal with .

There has been criticism of the cast of the film, namely Reeves – an American – who played the gruff British supernatural hero. And while critics weren’t in love with the film at the time either (it has a 46% stake) Rotten tomatoes) Constantine has achieved cult status for its Gothic visuals and as a superhero film that deals directly with religion. The cast also featured delightful twists and turns from acclaimed actors such as Rachel Weisz, Tilda Swinton, and Peter Stormare.

While Reeves no longer followed in Constatine’s footsteps, the character was briefly revived for television. Welsh actor Matt Ryan played a more faithful version of the character on a short-lived NBC show and repeated the role several times for The CW’s various DC shows, including Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow.

When you consider that DC likes to play fast and easy with its multiverse and even placed Ezra Miller’s Flash on CW’s Flash series with Grant Gustin, there’s no reason Reeves couldn’t play Constantine again alongside Matt Ryan.

Meanwhile, you can see Reeves in a classic role that Hollywood wanted to see him again for in the upcoming Matrix Resurrections. Or, check out IGN’s preview of the Matrix Awakens Unreal Engine 5 experience.

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