Karrueche Tran isn’t here to date men in 2022, calls them “distractions”

If you were hoping to take Karrueche Tran off the market in 2022, think again! The model and actress told Instagram users on Saturday that she will be on a special diet next year. Apparently, this diet involves “cutting men out”. And it looks like her half sentence, diet advice, caused some frenzy. She later explained her comment on camera in a series of Instagram story posts.

After the one-liner post, Karrueche made it clear that she “doesn’t hate men”. She also said she wouldn’t “get dirty by any guy” – alluding to the fact that her post had nothing to do with heartbreak. Instead, she talked about the power of being single.

“I just feel like there is so much power to be alone, to be content with being alone, and not to depend on a man to validate or feel good or feel fulfilled,” said Karrueche.

Wearing a forest green top and combed back hairstyle, the actress admitted that sometimes she basks in the glory of having a man. Karrueche said that she “loves your attention” at times. Nevertheless, your point of view stands.

“… And sometimes I feel like that and I love men’s attention, but it’s also unnecessary and men are a distraction,” Karrueche said with a slight grin and a suppressed laugh.

She slightly apologized for the comment, in which she said, “Sorry, I don’t like to say it.” Nonetheless, she continues with her statement. Karrueche makes it clear that she doesn’t need any distractions in 2022.

“I’m really trying to take my whole life to another level,” said Karrueche. “Human, physical, my career. Just all of that. So it’s just a little detox. “

The ‘Claws’ star explained her dating goals with a selfie titled, “Let’s see how long I can hold out lmao.”

Karrueche’s desire to get to work fully is not surprising given her excellent success this year. In July she won a Daytime Emmy Award as the first AAPI (Asian American & Pacific Islander) leading actress. She secured victory in 2021 with her role as Vivian Johnson in the series “The Bay”.

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