Now we all know that the Christmas season is all about saying thank you, and Kanye West did just that while reflecting on some pivotal moments that led to his current state of life. Kanye used social media to share his long Thanksgiving prayer, talking about his marriage, successes and failures, involvement in politics, and more.

Ye began his prayer by saying, “On this Thanksgiving Day, I am so grateful to my family. I am so grateful for my family, my blood family, my fans, and our haters. We love you too. On Thanksgiving on Christmas morning, not the evening before or the day, only in the morning. We are grateful for our civilization today with 8 billion people, our ancestors and our children. “

While talking about his son Saint, he talked more about his family, saying, “All I think about every day is how to get my family back together and how to heal the pain I have caused. I take responsibility for my actions – warning of new words … wrong actions. “

While describing himself as the commonality of his successes and failures, he began to come up with a list of things that affected not only him but those around him as well.

Kanye cited alcohol, its episodes, ego, temperament, religion, politics, and finance as talking points in his prayer.

He ended his prayer with the words: “We always judge and tell other people what to do, but we can only take responsibility for ourselves and our children.”

Kanye also shared a photo of him and Kim Kardashian as he continued to express his hopes that they would get back together.

As we before reported, Kanye gave a speech about his family during a turkey raffle the day before Thanksgiving, saying, “I’m trying to put this in the most sensible and calm way possible, but I need to be home. If the enemy can separate Kimye, there will be millions of families who feel that this separation is okay. “

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