Kanye West believes there is a lot more at stake than just his marriage with his upcoming divorce from Kim Kardashian.

The father of four gave a seemingly impromptu speech about his estranged wife and difficult personal life at a turkey giveaway in Los Angeles.

According to the organizers of the Los Angeles Mission, Kanye West donated more than 1,000 meals to those in need on Wednesday during the mission’s annual Thanksgiving Drive.

“We thank Kanye West for showing his heart and generosity and bringing over 1,000 meals today,” Pastor Troy Vaughn tweeted. “Our hearts are with Kanye as he continues to show his heart for people who are less fortunate.”

Amid his great achievement in giving back, Ye hopped up to the microphone to discuss what was going on with him and Kim, pleading that they return to his family.

Kanye spoke about how everything can be redeemed, including his relationship with Kim Kardashian.

Ye admitted that he made mistakes and did things publicly that were “unacceptable” as a husband before clarifying the truth that he would not let anyone write the story about his family.

“I am here to change this narrative … I am the priest of my home. I have to be next to my children as much as possible. So when I’m out of the house, I have a house right next to the house. “

Then Kanye said he needs to be home with Kim and the kids.

“I’m trying to be as reasonable as possible, as calmly as possible, but I need to be home,” said Kanye. “If the enemy can separate Kimye, there will be millions of families who feel that this separation is okay.”

Kanye said that keeping them together has the potential to influence millions of families to do the same.

“But when the kingdom, when God, who has already won, brings Kimye together, there will be millions of families who will be influenced to say they can overcome the work of separation from trauma.”

You can check out Kanye’s speech below:

Kanye delivered his speech amid reports that his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian, is dating actor Pete Davidson. Kim has yet to address Kanye or the dating rumors publicly, even though he was photographed holding hands with Pete.

We will keep you informed of all updates.

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