Just a month online! This is the most popular YouTube video of 2022 in Germany

The live broadcast of the boxing match by YouTube creator Standart Skill and Leon Machère (30), which was seen by seven million viewers, came in second place. Third place went to Julien Bam (34) and “The Last CHANSON OF THE HARICOT (Act 1)”. The Super Bowl halftime show with Dr. Dre (57), Snoop Dogg (51), Eminem (50), Mary J. Blige (51), Kendrick Lamar (35) and 50 Cent (47) got fourth place. The contribution of Jan Böhmermann’s program “ZDF Magazin Royale”, which caused a stir this year for Fynn Kliemann (34), ended up in fifth place.

YouTube star Rezo (30) also managed to score again, this time with his video about “Germany’s next top model”, which reached number seven. Political content was also successful this year: Welt Newsstream’s “Blitzkrieg Ukraine” took eighth place, and viewers learned about the Ukrainian conflict with a video by MrWissen2Go in tenth place. .

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