Jayda Cheaves talks about the possible re-establishment of a relationship with Lil Baby

Roommate, it looks like Jayda Cheaves is open to coming back with Lil Baby. During an interview with Jason Lee, CEO of Hollywood Unlocked, Jayda shared that there is still a lot of love between her and her son’s father, but there is still some work to be done before they become one of your relationship goals. Talking about past issues in their relationship, the influencer said social media played an important role, particularly due to allegations of fraud.

Jason asked Jayda why she wasn’t fighting for love. Jayda was quick to respond, saying that the rapper loves her, but a lot of damage has been done to the relationship between their relationship on social media. “I see things very differently from how I saw them before as I get older, but it’s just done a lot of damage on social media,” she said. “Once we get past that part, I feel like we may be able to build and rebuild a new relationship, but right now it’s like so much damage that has been done in public is just putting a plaster on something and say, ‘Okay, let’s just get back together,’ ”Jayda said.

As the conversation continued, Jason asked if the damage had to do with the fraud allegations last year, and Jayda confirmed that it was and that she had persevered. The Savannah, GA native explains. “I’ve started to really learn self-esteem and you know I still love him to death, I rock with him, but as far as togetherness and relationship goals are concerned, it will be some time before you just jump back to that.”

If you remember, Lil Baby set the Innanet on fire in December 2020 when the adult star Ms. London dropped the receipts, claiming the two were dating. Although Jayda and Lil Baby are not together, they continue to show each other a lot of love and support. Roommate, do you think they should try the relationship again?

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