Jayda Cheaves says she found out about Lil Baby & Saweetie’s alleged shopping date that same day

In an upcoming interview with @hollywoodunlockedJason Lee, Jayda Cheaves fills the gaps for the Innanet.

Regarding the alleged purchase date between Saweetie and Lil Baby, Jayda says she is always “10 steps ahead”.

When asked why she liked the story on the site’s Instagram page for the first time, the influencer said she wanted to “frenzy” the Innanet. Then she apparently confirmed that Saweetie and Lil Baby were together at the Chanel store in New York.

Jayda said she had “sources out there don’t play about me,” and she knew about the shopping date. “I knew about it the day it happened,” said Jayda. She also said to Lil Baby, “How are you going to do this to Miss Chanel yourself? Don’t you think I’ll find out? “

She continued, “I’ve been waiting for someone to say something.”

If you remember, Saweetie posted photos that got the Innanet talking. Sitting on a man’s lap, people on social media assumed the photo was Lil Baby’s foot based on his shoes.

Just days earlier it was reported that the two were in NYC together and Baby lost $ 100,000 on rapper So Icy.

Well, Lil Baby must have had enough of the rumors. He went to Twitter and said, “Baby doesn’t date anyone. I’m single.”

Roommate, what do you think?

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