Jake Paul reveals that he has suffered from memory loss and slurred speech prior to fighting Tyron Woodley

Boxer-turned YouTuber and influencer Jake Paul stepped into the boxing ring with some of the sport’s biggest names. Although he’s shown a lot of courage and even caught a few W’s, he recently revealed that he has had health problems since he started boxing less than two years ago.

Paul sat down with journalist Graham Bensinger as he prepared to step into the ring with Tyron Wooley and revealed that he suffers from mood swings, memory loss, and slurred speech.

“I find it in conversations with my girlfriend or friends like, I don’t remember something that I should remember that happened a few days ago,” he explained. ‚ÄúSometimes in my speech, where like every hundredth or two hundredth word I screw something up or slander something like that. What I haven’t done before. “

Although new to boxing, Jake has been an athlete since childhood and estimates that he has had between 20 and 30 concussions in his life. He added that “it’s really hard to tell” how many times he has had the head injuries, but noted that some of them were from his footballing career as a kid and many were the result of his new boxing venture.

Jake also announced that he had his brain scanned before he started his boxing career, and a doctor told him that he was suffering from circulatory disorders in certain areas of his brain due to the concussions he had while playing soccer as a kid.

He said he returned for another brand scan a year later and things looked worse than before. Jake said the doctors advised him to stop boxing at this point and he decided to keep fighting.

“I think it used to affect me more at a rapid pace because I never made it easy,” explained Jake Paul. “I was always thrown together with people who were much better than me until I slowly started to reach their level.”

Jake admitted that he used psychedelics, such as toad poison, to combat the effects of his injuries. He will compete against Tyron Woodley on Saturday.

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