As the world reacts to news that Kyle Rittenhouse has been acquitted on all charges, everyone shares its opinion, including Jacob Blake’s uncle. Justin Blake talked about following his verdict outside of the courtroom and said he wasn’t surprised. Justin told reporters that Kenosha, WI, has been very racist in the past and as shown through and through, adding the actions reported by Judge Bruce Schroeder.

Additionally, Justin said, “I don’t know how they finally came to the conclusion that he was innocent, but that’s why African Americans say the whole damn system is guilty. This has to come to an end. Justin had a lot to say, “How many cases do you see of Caucasian cops or other people walking out the door after murdering people who are either African American or who support African American.”

As we reported earlier, Jacob was paralyzed last year after Kenosha policeman Rusten Sheskey shot him seven times in the back. In October it became known that Rusten had not been found guilty of any civil lawsuit of the shooting and paralysis of Jacob. Following the decision, the US Department of Justice said, “After careful and thorough scrutiny, a team of seasoned federal attorneys determined that there was insufficient evidence to prove beyond doubt that the officer intentionally violated federal criminal and civil rights laws. Accordingly, the review of this incident was discontinued without federal prosecution. “

Jacob tried to seek financial compensation for his life-changing injury through lawsuits; however, his lawsuit was denied in June. According to Kenosha news, Jacob sought damages for medical expenses, lost wages, and “pain and suffering and disfigurement,” as filed by Chicago attorneys on March 11th at the clerk’s office. His other federal lawsuit against Rusten continues. Roommate, we’ll keep you informed of the ongoing case.

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