It looks like the Steam Deck will be released on time

Valve has announced that its Steam Deck handheld will ship on time in February, after a delay late last year. In addition, Valve is sending out more developer kits to studios to test their games for Steam Deck.

“First of all, we are on track to ship Steam Deck on time. Regardless of global pandemics, supply issues, and shipping issues, it looks like we can start rolling these out by the end of February,” Valve said in a statement.

Close-ups of Valve’s steam deck

The Steam Deck Verified program has already started and allows players to know which games can be played on Steam Deck. The list of Steam titles with Deck Verified status will continue to grow as Valve has approved shipping more dev kits. Compatible games have a green check mark and are ready to play on the Steam deck right out of the box.

“It’s also important that we give developers the opportunity to test their games to get that nice green verified check, so we’ve been sending out dev kits in bulk,” Valve said. “We’ve approved another wave of development kits, and hundreds have been shipped in the last month.”

Valve also provided an image of Steam Decks’ first in-house units for testing and evaluation. Those who pre-ordered the handheld can check this out status of their orders. The first wave of orders will go out in February and the second wave will be delivered in the second quarter of 2022.

A Steam Deck-tailored Half-Life game was reportedly in the works, but Valve has confirmed there will be no handheld exclusives.

IGN was the first media company to take hold of the Steam Deck. You can read our full hands-on preview here, and our interview with Valve boss Gabe Newell about the Steam deck philosophy and design.

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