It is better to look for cheap salt: this is the opinion of ÖKO-TEST

21 different brands of salt were tested, from discount salt at 19 cents to organic products at 2.49 euros – each for a 500 gram packet. The products were primarily evaporated salts, which are created by evaporating concentrated salt water, but sea salt and rock salt were also included.

The results of the ÖKO-TEST show that it does not always have to be the most expensive variant. Five products received the verdict “very well“, the cheapest of them the “Alnatura sea salt with iodine” for 95 cents. The remaining 16 table salts got a “good”.

The so-called noble salts also contain only sodium chloride and have no special effect on the body. Industry retailers have been advertising pink for years Himalayan salt and sometimes charge a high price for the product. We’ve reported the salt lie in the past – read more about it here.

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