It has to be chic and practical: comparison of men’s wallets

Wallets have become our constant companions so that we can always have cash, credit cards and identity documents at hand and carry them on our body.

In principle, wallets almost always work identically, one might think. In detail, however, there are some differences in terms of equipment, space and safety that you should pay attention to.

What to pay attention to when buying a wallet:

  • How big should the handbag be? Do you only need it for ID and credit cards, or do you like to carry large amounts of coins and bills, not to mention family photos, shopping lists and receipts? Do you mind if the back pocket bulges out or do you carry the wallet in your backpack anyway?
  • How secure should your wallet be? Worried about someone reading the RFID chips on your credit cards? Would you like a secret pocket or two for large bills and zippers that don’t come undone easily?
  • Which style suits you? Should it be simple or can it be something more extravagant, with colorful prints or fun embossing? Should the handbag be rather small and discreet or do you like to put a noble and representative handbag on the table?
  • Expensive or cheap? Price could be an indication of the quality of material and workmanship of a wallet and how long it will last. On the other hand, an inconspicuous wallet may not be stolen as quickly as a very expensive looking wallet.

If you want your wallet to last a long time, quality is the most important thing. Therefore, pay attention to the best materials such as leather and a good finish. When in doubt, simple and classic models that are timeless and durable always prove their worth.

We’ve picked out four men’s wallets for you that are well-received on Amazon and rated at least four stars, and list the most important pros and cons.

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