Is there real urine in there? Urea creams in the test

Four products fail the test. In the Body Milk Smoothing Cream with Urea 5% by Garnier the lab finds PEG as well as PEG derivatives and silicones. Overall, the lotion is “insufficient”.

Three other creams collect only “insufficiently” due to critical ingredients. In Eucerin Urea Repair Original 10% Urea lotion from Beiersdorf there are also PEG/PEG derivatives and paraffins – which is particularly disappointing for a drugstore product.

Also in the La Roche-Posay Lipikar Lait Urea 5+ Lotion contains these substances. Here, the laboratory also finds halogenated organic compounds considered to be potentially carcinogenic. The specified urea content of 5% deviates too much from the measured content of 4.1%. Points are also deducted for this.

In the Mixa Urea Cica Repair 5% Urea from L’Oreal experts find critical substances: PEG/PEG derivatives, mineral oil as well as paraffins and silicones. Here, too, the 6th grade salutes.

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